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October 2018

Wellness Campaign

Domestic Violence Awareness

Written by Alexa Carmona

Outreach Coordinator, Family Crisis Center

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month!


October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Domestic Violence (DV) affects everyone women, men and children of every race, religion, culture, and socio-economic status as you can see DV does not discriminate! Its main purpose is to maintain power and control which takes many forms. Primarily, we think of domestic violence as physical abuse but it’s not just punches and black eyes, its yelling, stalking, jealousy, concealing or denying information about finances, use of the silent treatment, or name calling which eventually erodes an individual’s self-esteem. DV thrives in silence and is a one of the abuser’s many tactics to gain and maintain power and control in their relationships. This is why it is so important for us to speak up as a community when we know DV in involved. Don’t stay silent! We should speak up every day but most especially during this month.  Silence kills! Domestic Violence is a learned behavior and we should hold abusers responsible and accountable for their behavior! Refuse to be silent.


Family Crisis Center (FCC) is striving to end the silence of Domestic Violence! Family Crisis Center has provided services to address the physical and emotional needs of domestic violence survivors and victims’ since 1978. Family Crisis provides support for survivors during their healing and recovery process.  Our goal at FCC is to provide safety first and foremost, help empower survivors to take positive steps toward their own safety, wellbeing and the well-being of their children. Services provided to help survivors and take control of their own lives include individual counseling for victims and child victim/witnesses, a Batter Intervention Program, (Helping Explore Accountable Lifestyles, HEAL); women’s support groups, co-dependency groups and court advocacy. Services for children who have experienced or witnessed domestic violence as well as victims and survivors are FREE. Everyone deserves a safe place to stay without the fear of being abused and thanks to Marge’s Place our protective shelter individuals who experience domestic violence are able to flee their abusive home and find a safe and comfortable space that provides residents a home-away from home. The goal of the shelter is to provide safety and help a victim transition to a survivor and thriver.


Please join us this year at our annual fundraiser on Saturday October 20st, the Boots and Bling Swing featuring Aaron Crawford. This fundraiser helps us to keep services free to those experiencing DV. Tickets are available at or call (505)325-3549.

2018 October 02

KSJE 90.9 FM

The Scott Michlin Morning Program

Interview with Alexa Carmona & Beau Harwood

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