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September 2018

Wellness Campaign

NWNM First Born

Written by Diana Kinney

Program Director

Northwest New Mexico First Born Program

Northwest New Mexico First Born is a home visiting program that offers support and education to first time parents. Ask any parent what it’s like having their first child and they’ll tell you how wonderful, scary and confusing it was!


Well now you’ve got more support! Northwest New Mexico First Born’s home visiting program offers regular visits with you in your home, a community location or even our office to support and encourage a healthy pregnancy, a safe delivery and ongoing education on the developmental stages of infants and toddlers. We dispel the myth that babies don’t remember what goes on before they are born, we help parents learn ways to enhance the development of their child BEFORE and after birth and throughout toddlerhood. Our home visitors support parents in learning just how fantastic and incredible their baby’s brain is and why they are THE MOST IMPORTANT teachers their child will have in the early years and beyond.


Our services are confidential, free and not based on your income because we are supported by State, Tribal and local grants that believe “When you change the first 5 years, you change everything”.


Our Home Visitors are professionals in the field of Early Childhood and receive ongoing and up-to-the-minute training on best practices in parenting and education. We believe that the parents are their babies first and best teachers and that all parents want the best for their children. We teach from the First Born curriculum that was developed exclusively in New Mexico for New Mexico families. The First Born program has been active in 17 counties in New Mexico for over 20 years and is supported by the Santa Fe Community College’s Early Childhood Center of Excellence. We offer information to families wanting to find more resources and ways to gain family and personal goals like affordable housing, higher education dreams, household management, enhanced employment opportunities, counseling services, child care resources and financial assistance. We know families have dreams and goals and we strive to assist families in reaching their goals.


One thing many new families need are secure and safe car seats for their babies and we have them! Our offices are certified outlets of the Safer New Mexico car seat program. For a donation of $20. our Certified Installation Technicians can set you up with a brand new, safely installed car seat for your most precious cargo. We participate in local car seat fitting stations that are held quarterly in both counties. You can find more about this program at


If you or someone you know is expecting their first child, we can be reached at (505)325-9187 for our San Juan County office and in McKinley County our number is (505)863-8850. The best time to enroll is during the prenatal period, but we are able to enroll a family up until the child turns 3 months of age. Our services are available to anyone who is expecting their first child, Mom’s first, Dad’s first, an adopted infant, we like all “firsts”.

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First Born
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First Born

2018 September 04

KSJE 90.9 FM

The Scott Michlin Morning Program

Interview with Diana Kinney

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