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  • Gregory Allen

Aztec Police Department at FitKids 2014

San Juan Safe Communities Initiative (SJSCI) would like to thank Aztec Police Department (APD) and Police Chief Mike Heal (SJSCI Board Member) for their dedicated service to the citizens of Aztec and San Juan County. APD sponsored a booth at the 2nd annual FitKids Health Fair that brought awareness to the dangers of substance abuse. The FitKids event was hosted by San Juan IPA.

Officer Jerry Blake utilized the Drunk Busters Impairment Goggles in a FitKids activity with the purpose of opening a dialogue about substance abuse. Participants performed the simple activity of dribbling a soccer ball across a field. Then they performed the activity under simulated impairment. The goggles provided participants with the awakening experience of how alcohol impairs a person's perception, balance, vision, and reaction time. Blake explained to kids that kicking a soccer ball is an easy activity, however it becomes difficult while wearing the goggles. Here, we can take the goggles off and we are immediately back to normal but, imagine what it would be like if you chose to use and could not magically remove the substance from your system. It is much better to never engage in the risky behavior in the first place. "We want to live healthy lives," Blake said to each participant.

SJSCI would also like to thank Officer Jerry Blake for his 17 years of service but also for serving as a school resource officer for the Aztec Police Department. Chief Heal said, "Jerry is a caring officer who is always willing to do anything to help out our youth." I have had a personal opportunity to work with Jerry and I would strongly agree!!

Don't forget to view the video above.

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By: Greg Allen

Executive Director

San Juan Safe Communities Initiative

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