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  • Greg Allen, SJSCI Executive Director

Crosswalk Safety with FMS, FPD, SRTS and SJSCI

Farmington Municipal Schools, Safe Routes To Schools, Farmington Police Department, and San Juan Safe Communities Initiative team up to provide motorists with a reminder that school starts on the third week of August. Monday, August 17th is a soft start for new students and underclassemen while school opens on Tuesday, August 18th for all students. Please watch for our children as they head to school.

You will notice vehicles speeding through the activated school zone while we were filming at 1:00 pm on Monday afternoon. The 15 MPH reduced speed limit is crucial to the safety of our children as most pedestrian accidents are survivable when vehicle speeds are less than 20 MPH.

Thank you to:

Dr. Gene Schmidt - FMS Superintendent

Phil Valdez - FMS Deputy Superintendent

Officer Shaun Goodsell - FPD School Resource Officer

Anngela Wakan - Coordinator for Safe Routes To Schools and the UmattR Program

Together we can can create a safe environment for our children to travel to and from school


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