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  • Gregory Allen

Reduction in Teen Drinking and Driving

The Numbers have reduced, but not far enough.

The 2013 New Mexico Youth Risk and Resiliency Survey (NM YRRS) shows that 4.6% of high school aged drivers in San Juan County reported that they have driven after consuming alcohol. This is a downward trend from 2007 in which 12.8% of high school students reported having participated in the risky behavior.

Riding with a drunk driver has also declined. In 2013, 15.1% of high school aged students reported riding with a drunk driver which is down from 27.7% reported in 2007. To put this into perspective, YRRS data is telling us that, 976 students rode with a drunk driver and 297 students have driven under the influence.

So the good news is this means 95.4% of our surveyed high school students have not driven a vehicle under the influence of alcohol during the time of the survey. Among New Mexico high school students, those who earned mostly A’s or B’s were less likely to drink and drive compared to students who earned mostly C’s, D’s, or F’s.

These statistics are still alarming regardless of the downward trend. Please help to remind our young people:

  • Wait until the appropriate age to drink

  • Do not ride with a drunk driver

  • Do not drive if under the influence

  • Call for a ride if and when you need one

If they do make the mistake, don’t condone the behavior, but do let them know it is safe to call for help.

  1. NM YRRS is conducted by: New Mexico Department of Health, New Mexico Public Education Department, and UNM Prevention Research Center.

  2. 2013 NM YRRS, High School – San Juan County pg. 34, 4.6% self-reported drinking and driving; n=1532 pg. 7

  3. Approximately 6464 students grades 9 – 12, reported enrollment from San Juan County Public High Schools


By: Greg Allen

Executive Director

San Juan Safe Communities Initiative

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