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"The Mayor's Table" featuring Farmington City Council Candidates

Mayor Roberts invited all six Farmington City Council candidates to speak in this eighth edition of "The Mayor's Table." Linda Rodgers and Thomas Hawkins who are candidates running for District 1 and Sean Sharer who is running for District 2 chose to participate. Each candidate was provided five minutes to introduce themselves and describe their platform in this video.

You can find more information on all of the Farmington City Council candidates along with their contact information below.

Learn more about the candidates at the various links below

Farmington City Council District 1

Thomas Hawkins (click to view Daily -Times Feature)

Contact at 486-9269 or thomas@thomashawkins.org

View more at thomashawkins.org or Candidate Thomas Hawkins Facebook

Linda Rodgers (click to view Daily -Times Feature)

Contact at 599-1155

View more at lindarodgers.org or Candidate Linda Rodgers on Facebook

Farmington City Council District 2

Jacob Beckham (click to view Daily -Times Feature)

Contact at 716-8215

View more at Candidate Jacob Beckham on Facebook

Mary Fischer (click to view Daily -Times Feature)

Contact at 325-2242

Charles Pacheco (click to view Daily -Times Feature)

Contact at slasher1nm@yahoo.com

Sean Sharer (click to view Daily -Times Feature)

Contact at 716-7347 or sharerforcitycounci@gmail.com

View more at Candidate Sean Sharer on Facebook

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