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The ; Not Alone Project: Episode Two

;Not Alone Project - Episode Two:

The ;Not Alone Project discusses issues of suicide that have increased in San Juan County during the COVID crisis. This episode provides information regarding youth suicide and the precautions our local school districts are taking to address the issue. .

Also, you will find a special interview with Rhonda Ledford who talks about her own experience with her son Cody's suicide. Learn more about their non-profit organization called The C.O.D.Y. Project.

Our panel of members include:

Suzanne Seitzinger, Juvenile Probation Office Supervisor with Children Youth & Families - Juvenile Justice Division,

Kim Dutrumaine, CEO of Cottonwood Clinical Services,

Rick Quevedo, CEO of Desert View Family Counseling,

Glynnis Urban, School Psychologist for Aztec Municipal School District, and

produced by Greg Allen, Executive Director of San Juan Safe Communities Initiative.

Information and a list of services can be found at the Mental Health Task Force page on the San Juan Safe Communities Initiative website.

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