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  • Greg Allen, Executive Director, SJSCI

Sobriety Checkpoints in San Juan County

In an effort to reduce alcohol related traffic accidents, local law enforcement agencies will be conducting sobriety checkpoints during the month of May. Over 1,162 DWI arrests were made in San Juan County during 2014. DWI has had a dramatic impact on our community. As we enter this summer season, please consider the dangers of driving while intoxicated and utilize a designated driver. Help us make roadways in San Juan County, a safe place to drive.

This message is brought to you by the following:

San Juan County Sheriff’s Office

Farmington Police Department

Aztec Police Department

Bloomfield Police Department

New Mexico State Police

San Juan County

City of Farmington

City of Aztec

City of Bloomfield

San Juan County Magistrate Courts

San Juan County Alternative Sentencing

San Juan County Partnership

San Juan Safe Communities Initiative

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