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  • Greg Allen, SJSCI, Executive Director

Clothes For Kids Event

Wednesday November 4th and Thursday November 5th the Farmington Rio del Sol Kiwanis Club hosted their 10th annual Clothes for Kids event at Target. 328 children were invited to the occasion by principals and counselors from area schools. Rio del Sol Kiwanis members raised enough money to allow the children to shop with a shopping volunteer and spend $100 on needed school clothing items. Shopping volunteers assisted the children and their families as they navigated through the clothing departments and checkout process. The volunteers were not only Kiwanis members but also representatives from various organizations in San Juan County, such as Mattie from BHP Billiton and Brian from the Farmington Police Department.

Target supported the Kiwanis outreach by offering a discount thus allowing the Rio del Sol Club to stretch their budget and reach even more children than anticipated.

San Juan Safe Communities would like to thank all those involved for their efforts in making San Juan County a safe place to Live, Work, and Play!

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