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  • Greg Allen, Executive Director SJSCI

Special Edition - COF FY 2018 Budget Presentation

The Mayor's Table: Today's edition of The Mayor's Table is the City of Farmington FY2018 Budget Presentation that took place at the Farmington Public Library on Wednesday, May 3rd. The presentation is 1 1/2 hours but contains important information on the city's next fiscal season budget.

Click HERE to view/print the FY18 Budget Presentation handout

SJSCI has provided the City of Farmington FY2018 Budget Presentation in its entirety to those citizens who were unable to attend.

For your convenience you may click onto individual pieces of the presentation below:

Introduction with Mayor Roberts

FY 2018 Budget Presentation with City Manager Mayes

Budget changes to City of Farmington Departments

Questions, Comments, Closing, & Final Remarks

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